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Heinrich Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein e.V.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein consists of diverse projects that pursue the common goal of revitalizing democratic processes, advancing the shaping of an environmentally conscious future, and empowering people to become active themselves and to help shape society and politics. We offer political education, primarily in the northernmost state of Germany, and see ourselves as an independent part of the worldwide green movement.

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Bündnis eine Welt Schlewsig-Holstein e.V. (BEI)

The Bündnis Eine Welt Schleswig-Holstein - BEI (Alliance for One World SH) is the umbrella organization of development policy organizations in SH. Our network connects active people, promotes global justice, bundles information on topics of sustainability and promotes intercultural encounters and cooperation. We help our member groups to make their diverse commitment visible in SH and worldwide. In addition, we offer advice and training and carry our demands and proposals into social discussions and political decision-making processes in SH.

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Ghader Al Holu (DE, EN)
+49 1573 8074455

Julia Krause (DE, EN)
+49 43190661329

Iván Murillo-Conde (DE, EN, ES)